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MSI D16(MS-8216) DVD-ROM Driver

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Driver Name MSI D16(MS-8216) DVD-ROM
Version 1.50
License Free
File Name D16v150.exe
Category CD-ROM
Operating System Firmware
Developer MSI

MSI D16(MS-8216) DVD-ROM Firmware 1.50.
Improve CPU usage.
Add speed adjustment function for CD-ROM Reading. The default drive reading speed is 40x for assurance of reading stability while reading low-quality disc . To increase reading speed to 48x, please press the right button for 3 seconds. The default speed is restored when the disc is ejected.
Extract the file and Copy update.exe and m8216msh.150 to the destination folder. Reboot your PC under real DOS mode and enter the target folder. Execute "MSIFLASH_[Port]_w_m8216msh.150". Port: 1-Primary IDE master 2- Primary IDE Slave 3-Secondary IDE master 4-Secondary IDE Slave

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