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Modem Drivers

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101).   Aopen FM56-EX(2MB) Modem R2.210   License: Free;  Size: 5 Kb;   OS: Windows XP;  

102).   Pine FM-3621-2/4 ESS 2818 V.90 PCI Modem N/A   License: Free;  Size: 233 Kb;   OS: Windows XP;  

103).   Creative Modem Blaster DI5630-5 N/A   License: Free;  Size: 2 MB;   OS: Windows XP;  

104).   Linksys BEFCMU10 Cable Modem ver 3 1.10   License: Free;  Size: 32 Kb;   OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP;  

105).   Davicom DM336p Modem INF N/A   License: Free;  Size: 23 Kb;   OS: Windows All;  

106).   PCTEL HSP1789,HSP1688 PCI Modem N/A   License: Free;  Size: 1 MB;   OS: Windows ME;  

107).   Kingmax KFM5603-LF/KFM5603-LN Fax/Modem 1.0   License: Free;  Size: 1115 Kb;   OS: Windows 9x/NT;  

108).   TRUST ISDN PC-Card Modem 5.0   License: Free;  Size: 783 Kb;   OS: Windows 2000/XP;  

109).   ESS ES2838/ES2839 SuperLink-M ES56H-PI (ES56STH-PI) V.92 Modem 067   License: Free;  Size: 376 Kb;   OS: Windows 2000;  

110).   Kingmax KP/KFM5605-LL Fax/Modem 2.2   License: Free;  Size: 1061 Kb;   OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP;  

111).   Genius Modem GM56PCI-SM 80.5   License: Free;  Size: 2074 KB;   OS: Windows 2000;  

112).   3J Tech Pegasus II Modem N/A   License: Free;  Size: 8 Kb;   OS: Windows;  

113).   Aopen FM56-SM PCI Modem R10.4A   License: Free;  Size: 5.6 Mb;   OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP;  

114).   Creative Modem Blaster V.90 PCI DI5655 N/A   License: Free;  Size: 188 Kb;   OS: Windows 2000;  

115).   Intel 537EP V.92 Modem Chipset   License: Free;  Size: 779 Kb;   OS: Windows 2000;  

116).   D-link DSL-302G Revision A R200Mb10t6   License: Free;  Size: 1.75 Mb;   OS: Firmware;  

117).   US Robotics 3CP3468A ISDN Pro TA    License: Free;  Size: 10 Kb;   OS: Windows 2000;  

118).   Davicom DM560p Internal PCI Modem N/A   License: Free;  Size: 29 Kb;   OS: Windows All;  

119).   Creative Modem Blaster DI5633 N/A   License: Free;  Size: 2 MB;   OS: Windows XP;  

120).   US Robotics Modem 005605-00 N/A   License: Free;  Size: ;   OS: Windows 98SE/ ME/ 2000;  

121).   SMC SMC7003-ADSL Broadband Modem Upgrad Utility N/A   License: Free;  Size: 79 Kb;   OS: Windows;  

122).   Aopen FM56-PLM Modem R11.3   License: Free;  Size: 2.43 Mb;   OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP;  

123).   Aopen FM56-EXV Modem R10.4A   License: Free;  Size: 15 Kb;   OS: Windows 9x;  

124).   Aopen FM56-EA Modem N/A   License: Free;  Size: 36 Kb;   OS: Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP;  

125).   Aopen FM56-SV PCI Modem R10.4c   License: Free;  Size: 7.38 Mb;   OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP;  

126).   Fujitsu-Siemens CONNECTBIRD 56k analog USB modem N/A   License: Free;  Size: 2.6 Mb;   OS: Windows XP;  

127).   TRUST 56K V92 USB Modem DVN01   License: Free;  Size: 2.8 Mb;   OS: Windows XP;  

128).   Aopen FM56-SV PCI Modem R1.3b   License: Free;  Size: 7.38 Mb;   OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP;  

129).   Intel 536EP V.92 Modem Chipset 4.60.2   License: Free;  Size: 458 Kb;   OS: Windows ME;  

130).   Aopen FM56-EX(1MB) Modem R2.2   License: Free;  Size: 25 Kb;   OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP;  

131).   Aopen FM56-S PCI Modem R3.05.18   License: Free;  Size: 5.6 Mb;   OS: Windows XP;  

132).   Genius Modem GM56flexE-V2 N/A   License: Free;  Size: 33.9 KB;   OS: Windows 9x/ME;  

133).   Aopen FM56-USB Modem N/A   License: Free;  Size: 1.71 Mb;   OS: Windows 2000;  

134).   Aztech Modem 56K PCI MSP 2900 3.40.06   License: Free;  Size: 3 MB;   OS: Windows 2000;  

135).   Genius Modem GM56USB V2 N/A   License: Free;  Size: 5.1 MB;   OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP;  

136).   Genius ADSL Modem DSLU (RFC1483) N/A   License: Free;  Size: 4.68 MB;   OS: Windows 9X/ME/2000/XP;  

137).   Aopen FM56-SLM PCI Modem R10.4A   License: Free;  Size: 5.6 Mb;   OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP;  

138).   Aopen FM56-USB Modem R2.90.00   License: Free;  Size: 2.24 Mb;   OS: Windows 9x/ME;  

139).   Aztech Modem USB External UM 9100 3.20.04   License: Free;  Size: 3 MB;   OS: Windows XP;  

140).   Aopen FM56-S PCI Modem V.90 R7.0   License: Free;  Size: 1.76 Mb;   OS: Windows 9x;  

141).   US Robotics Modem 3CXM756-xx N/A   License: Free;  Size: ;   OS: Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000;  

142).   Motorola Modem SM56 DF/PCI 6.05.00   License: Free;  Size: 712 Kb;   OS: Linux;  

143).   Pine PF-X01A Conexant 11242 V.92 56K Modem N/A   License: Free;  Size: 1.6 Mb;   OS: Windows 9x;  

144).   Genius Modem GM56USB 3.00   License: Free;  Size: 2.5 MB;   OS: Windows 98;  

145).   SMC SMC8002CM-US Broadband Modem v1.0.2   License: Free;  Size: 32 Kb;   OS: Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP;  

146).   OLITEC Modem Olifax/Voice Full 7.45 7.45   License: Free;  Size: ;   OS: Windows All;  

147).   Creative Modem Blaster DI5660 N/A   License: Free;  Size: 221 Kb;   OS: Windows 95/ 98/ ME;  

148).   Kingmax KFM5600-CF Fax/Modem 2.4   License: Free;  Size: 4 Kb;   OS: Windows 9x/NT/2000;  

149).   US Robotics Modem USR3056 N/A   License: Free;  Size: 490 Kb;   OS: Windows 2000/ XP;  

150).   Aztech Modem CNR CNR2800 N/A   License: Free;  Size: 2.4 Mb;   OS: Windows XP;  

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